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Salon du Chocolat 2015, a success on and off line

November 10, 2015
Salon du Chocolat 2015, a success on and off line
Ana Rodríguez

The 21st edition of the Salon du Chocolat welcomed 100,000 visitors and more than 700 participants from 40 countries. These are very good figures that confirm that it remains a reference for chocolate and cocoa. And not only on a physical level, but also online, as the organization estimates that its Facebook page reached 79,000 fans and its publications recorded some 615,000 views during the week of the meeting.

Dress by Chapon and Byakko

Dress by Chapon and Byakko

Among the activities scheduled, The Chocolate Fashion Show stood out, an event where chocolate and fashion designers worked in duo (Patrice Chapon Chocolatier & Tara Byakko, Marion Bartoli & Arnaud Larher, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada & Des Lis Chocolat, Vincent Guerlais & Joanna Winblad, Jean-Paul Hévin & Max Chaoul…) to create a spectacular collection of chocolate dresses inspired by the theme “The classic reinvented.” And on a more artistic level, there were conferences, exhibitions and sculptures like the majestic six-metre tall wild bear prepared by Brua.

Also, within the Pastry Show area, great master pastry chefs came by to carry out demonstrations and tastings, some well-known and others of a new generation that will shortly have everyone talking, among them, Vincent Guerlais, the MOF Arnaud Larher (so good #7), Christelle Brua (Chef Pâtissière Le Pré Catelan), Philippe Conticini (co-founder and Chef Pâtissier of La Pâtisserie des Rêves) and Emmanuel Ryon (so good #7, so good #11).

Arnaud Larher

Arnaud Larher

If we focus on the awards, in addition to the thrilling finale of the World Chocolate Masters and Les Awards du Chocolat organized by the Club des Croqueurs, the 17th edition of the International Cocoa Awards took place as well, bringing together more than 250 guests and awarded the following awards:

For the African region:

-Côte d’Ivoire, PIHI Lambert

-Côte d’Ivoire, KOUASSI Agahonou Juliette

-Ghana Abubakari Alidu

-Togo AKAKPO Mamah

For the Asia-Pacific region:

-Hawaii, Waialua Estate Cacao

Indonesia, Hengkilianto, President Director of PT Mitra Niaga Timor

-Papua New Guinea, Lower Watut Cooperative – Wals Cocoa Co-operatire, Fermentary Number LBA 332

-Solomon Islands, David Junior Kebu

For Central America and Caribbean:

-Honduras, Fundacion Hondureña de Investigación Agrícola (FHIA)

-Nicaragua, Ingemann Fine Cocoa S.A.

-Trinidad and Tobago, La Reunion Estate

-Trinidad and Tobago, San Juan Estate

For the South America region:

-Bolivia, Asociación de Productores de Carmen del Emero

-Bolivia, Angel Tapia

-Colombia, Alianza Exportadora Tumaco, Conformada por las organizaciones – CORPOTEVA, CORTEPAZ, Consejo Comunitario Bajo Mira y Frontera

-Ecuador, Ing. Alicia Encalada Villacis.

-Ecuador, Asociación Agrícola La Fortaleza