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21ºBrix. Creative brilliance in the art of the dessert

21ºBrix. Creative brilliance in the art of the dessert


Fernando Toda

The 21ºBrix Collective, is a breath of fresh air for Spanish pastry cooking. They are comprised of 15 lively Spanish pastry chefs who meet to explore the enormous creative possibilities in various branches of the world of pastry. After focusing on baking mixtures (a meeting that we reported in full in the recent edition of So Good..), the Collective came together once again to create the widest possible variety of restaurant dessert offerings. To make it happen, they invited two of the greats in dessert cooking – Jordi Roca (El Celler de Can Roca) and Ricard Martínez (Espaisucre).

In detail…Miquel Guarro created a sweet version of the Catalan recipe for Pa amb Tomàquet; Jordi Roca demonstrated a spectacular ice cream made from natural yeast (a dessert that actually moves, simulating the breath); Lluís Costa played with Tacos Dulces (sweet tacos); Ricard Martínez opted for the freshness of apricot, cucumber and yoghurt in his dessert; Josep Maria Ribé explored colours with strawberries, tomatoes and roses; Raúl Bernal made a homage to the San Fermín festival with his piece, “Pamplona”; Rafa Delgado gave a twist to the traditional apple with his dessert Apple, Elderberry and Vinegar; Albert Badia worked with the smoking process in his Renacer; Sergi Vela returned to his childhood with his “Petit Suisse Mimético”; Jordi Farrés played around with a surprising way of presenting his pistachio, raspberry and litchi creation; and Rubén Álvarez brought coriander to the dessert with his “Mango Spice”.

In essence, a whole range of ideas that demonstrate that the dessert offers endless creative and expressive possibilities.

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