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Antonio Bachour Coffee École Valrhona Brooklyn

The classic Opera according to Antonio Bachour

The classic Opera according to Antonio Bachour

In early March, Antonio Bachour gave a course at the L’École Valrhona Brooklyn school on entremets and petits gâteaux in which he explored many combinations of different flavors with gâteaux bases and created multi-layer entremets of various textures and fillings. The title of the course speaks for itself, “Bachour style”, which we can perfectly admire in this Peckale Opera, a kind of deconstruction of the classic Opera dessert based on butter and coffee. Enjoy the complete recipe below.

This was the first of three seminars that the chef has scheduled in the 2017 school calendar for Valrhona Brooklyn. The following one, Bachour Bakery Desserts, will be in June, and the third will be taught in October as a duet with Carles Mampel and only for members of Cercle V of Valrhona.

Photos: Nitzan Rubin