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Antonio Bachour Cheese Coconut École Valrhona Brooklyn

Yogurt, coconut and pineapple cheesecake by Antonio Bachour

Yogurt, coconut and pineapple cheesecake by Antonio Bachour

antonio Bachour and Carles Mampel at L'École Valrhona BrooklynAntonio Bachour shared the spotlight with Carles Mampel during his last pastry course at the L’École Valrhona Brooklyn. Both chefs shared space, techniques and advice in front of a dozen lucky people who could enjoy the technical and creative display they were offered. Tarts, individual portions, small cups, bonbons, travel cakes which, depending on the chef, had some characteristics or others. As a sample, we are left with this piece of the Miami-based chef’s repertoire. A tasty yogurt cheesecake that incorporates refreshing elements such as yogurt and pineapple to get a sweet result which is also suitable for almost any time of the year.

Antonio Bachour dominates style like few others, always attentive to the latest trends to offer fresh presentations without losing one bit of personality. Precisely in this course he offered surprising cakes thanks to a new collection of molds and updated classic ideas like the cheesecake that we present here.

Antonio Bahour Course Antonio Bachour at l'École Valrhona Brooklyn Aerial view yogurt cheesecake by Bachour Final buffet course Bachour at l'École Valrhona Brooklyn