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Chocolate Bonbons Rose Desserts

Rose and yuzu chocolate bonbon by Carmen Rueda

Rose and yuzu chocolate bonbon by Carmen Rueda


Since she was a child, Carmen Rueda loved to cook and work with chocolate, “I have always liked to see the shapes you could get with this incredible product,” she says.

Her passion for chocolate was also demonstrated by her participation in two Spanish World Chocolate Masters qualifiers in 2014 and 2017. “The first time was magical because I really didn’t know the amount of precession that I needed, there were less tasks during the competition so everything had to be perfect”, she explains.

Since 2021 she has been working as executive pastry chef at the dessert restaurant, Brix Desserts in Dubai where she fully uses the opportunity to show her mastery with chocolate with creations such as this refreshing bonbon that combines the aromatic touch of rose with the citrus elegance of  yuzu.