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Pistachio Rose Desserts

Rose and Pistachio tea cake by Aabhas Jain

Rose and Pistachio tea cake by Aabhas Jain

Aabhas Jain, the Assistant Director Culinary Studies of the Indian School of Hospitality, has two passions: pastry and education.

The Indian chef acknowledges that many consumers in his country continue to opt for traditional products, although thanks to travel and social media, people are more open to trying new things. This is something very positive for him since he loves to explore and take on new challenges, “because that is what helps me grow. The euphoria of being able to create something new every day is a guiding force in my life,” he explains. A good example is this delicate rose and pistachio cake, decorated with fresh rose petals, blanched pistachio, and silver sheet, which gives an Indian touch to the tea cake.

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