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Parmesan sandwich by Andrés Lara

Andrés LaraIce cream is a complex and beautiful world, thinks Andrés Lara. There are always aspects of the product that are waiting for its evolution, for its change. And there are always possibilities to continue learning from a trade and a product that has hardly been thoroughly worked on.

With these premises, the Cacao barry Canada creative Chef, now also a teacher at the Chocolate Academy of Canada, has created a line of individual “cakes” that can be both served in the dining room of an ice cream parlor and thought of as a product to take home. They can also be part of a dessert. It is a creative exercise with ice cream as the protagonist and the individual format as context. Because there is nothing more stimulating than starting from an underrated product in pastry, showing its potential without leaving behind imagination, complex tastes, fun textures, and offering alternatives to the silicone molds when it comes to presentation.

Paths that are also possible in a product as popular as ice cream.


‘The idea is to take the concept of an ice cream sandwich but giving it an elegant shape as an individual ice cream cake. The flavors are the pure expression of all the sensations that are important to me. A game of savory, spicy, sweet, acidic and -the surprising touch- cheese!’