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Scott Green so good #14

Noir by Scott Green

Noir by Scott Green

Scott GreenThe executive pastry chef at the helm of The Langham Hotel in Chicago, Scott Green, has gone through several phases in his professional and personal life before crossing paths once again with so good.. magazine to share some of his latest creations. If in the previous issue we found him about to participate in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie (Lyon), from which he took a creditable third place alongside Josh Johnson and John Kraus, this time we dare say his situation is almost the opposite. If last year there were trips, meetings and team trainings happening, at the moment, working in the kitchen dominates, overseeing the production of each new menu or banquet with his pastry brigade. And of course he is very happy with this change. His body asked for a reduction of the workload by taking on a pastry chef’s line of work. But just because the workload is reduced does not mean that life is less stimulating, on the contrary.

Pavilion in he The Langham Hotel in ChicagoPavilion. The Langham Hotel in Chicago

Heading the pastry station at a resort such as The Langham, with a first-class restaurant, Travelle, Afternoon Tea service, ice cream kiosk (Parlour at The Pavillion) and intense banquet activity, the great challenge is to ‘solve problems’, as Scott himself likes to define his work. Achieving lovely results that are also well-balanced in the combination of flavors, textures and intensities, but above all feasibly integrated in specific menus or services. That is his daily challenge, ‘solving problems’ is what makes him happiest. And for that he combines the two dimensions that are fundamental to his professional philosophy: art and science.