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Coffee Lemon Rory Macdonald

Coffee, lemon and rice plated dessert by Rory Macdonald

Coffee, lemon and rice plated dessert by Rory Macdonald


In the book Bake, Rory Macdonald teaches the basics of classic recipes, giving detailed instructions and tips, since “once you have mastered the rules, you have the knowledge you need to change them. Once you know the rules, you can break them! ”. And even if you are an acclaimed chef, he ensures that there are always new things to learn and you must be open to experimenting.

In the book, the American pastry chef teaches over 100 new creative twists on classic French and international pastries, and goes through all kinds of pieces, from croissants to petit gâteaux, macarons, and cookings.

The chapter on plated desserts, “AfterDark”, is particularly striking. As he explains, “it isn’t like any of the other chapters. Many of the recipes contain multiple components, and some will call for a few ingredients that may be unfamiliar or new tools you may want to track down. ” Their goal, far from intimidating, is to inspire the reader to try new things, enjoy the ride, and take pride in the results. Many of the creations included in this section are designed as dessert tasting plates, perfect for sharing, and can be carried out in the home kitchen. He also confesses that “although I love all the desserts I make, the kind of recipes collected in this chapter are my favorite. The flavor combinations and execution push the envelope a little and some are just fun to make. And that’s what baking should always be — fun! ”. Below we share a sample, this coffee, lemon, and rice.


“Espresso with lemon zest is a typical Italian drink — a classic Italian flavor combination and my inspiration for this dessert, which layers a coffee cream and salted chocolate ganache with lemon sorbet to contrast with the richness”

A classic Italian flavor combination, espresso with a lemon zest is a typical Italian drink. This was my inspiration, the salt and crispy rice cracker give it another element.