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Rory MacDonald

At the head of Chanson Pâtisserie in New York, he is responsible for the Dessert Bar that has opened in the adjoining space and that pays tribute to the clandestine era of Prohibition while exploring the synergies of dessert with cocktails. His previous phase as head of desserts of the Hakkasan Group in the United States reinforced in him an eclectic look that draws on both European and Mediterranean cultures and Asian influences.

Bio Highlights

2006 – Pastry chef at Gordon Ramsay’s NYC London Hotel

2012 – Executive Pastry Chef USA at Hakkasan Group

2017 – Chanson Pàtisserie and Dessert Bar, New York

“It’s not about trying to find Desserts and cocktails that taste the same, it’s about finding drinks that can enhance each other flavors when tasted together”

so good.. magazine #19

Featured in so good #19