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Mango recipes so good #17

Chocolate, mango and lychee meringue tart by Luciano García

Chocolate, mango and lychee meringue tart by Luciano García

Luciano GarcíaThere are winds of change in Argentina. Based on great doses of perseverance and passion, Chef Luciano García is succeeding in introducing a taste for an updated, balanced, subtly Argentine pastry despite being clearly related to The French classics in the hearts of the new generations that pass through the OTT College of Buenos Aires.

Pastry that Luciano not only teaches, but is also successfully introducing in the OTT Warehouse, an establishment attached to the school. There, he offers creations like the three shown in these pages.

Elegant presentations that combine two or three ingredients with brilliance. Products that not only seduce the customers in Buenos Aires, but also demonstrate the gastronomic potential of good pastry.

‘Revisiting a classic tart, my objective is mainly to find the right balance between textures and flavors. On this occasion, the chocolate comes in a creamy, intense shape, and is rounded by the freshness of mango, lime and lychee.’