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Olivier Bajard

One of the great representatives of French patisserie, he runs the Olivier Bajard school in Perpignan.

Olivier Bajard runs one of the most prestigious training centers in France, located in Perpignan, where one can attend classes with some of the best professionals in the world as professors. His successful career is the fruit of passion for the work well done and a continuous interest in reconsidering every routine, method or combination. He has always submitted the results of this interest to the whole sector, first as a consultant and, from 2005, as the director of his own school, where he fights to find the balance between theory and practice.

Bio Highlights

1991 – 2nd place in the World Pastry Cup of Lyon

1993 – Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) pâtissier

1995 – Championnat du Monde des Métiers du Dessertin Milan (Italy)

2005 – Opens the Olivier Bajard International Patisserie School

2010 – Publication of ‘Les Ateliers Sucrés d’Olivier’

“France does not have the same phenomenon that the stock market has, the way it can go up and down suddenly and is subjected to trends. What we have in France is a constant evolution with a calm but constant and never-ending rhythm”
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