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Camila García Elizalde

At just 27, Camila García Elizalde has become the director and owner of StudioPas Academy (22,000 students between online and face-to-face courses) and president of the Chilean National Pastry Selection “La Roja Dulce”, which has already reaped its successes, for example by proclaiming itself winner of the America Pastry Cup in 2022.

Her career began by studying a scientific degree in Biology. At the age of 19, she combined a degree in Gastronomic Administration with a job as a kitchen and pastry assistant. As she felt the need to learn more, she decided to travel to other countries to train and improve her technique. This is the knowledge and experience that she now teaches at her school.


“We are not Europe when it comes to pastry, we do not possess hundreds of years of history, but we are something new and we are growing.”

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