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Abel Bravo

Abel Bravo is part of the new generation of pastry chefs in Spain that aligns with a firm commitment to the renewal of pastry from the highest respect for tradition, a high level of commitment to technique and perfection in executions, and a need to display a personal style.

Fresh products, reduced sweetness, intensity of flavor … New pastry lands with force in an area like Murcia by the hand of Abel Bravo, who before opening Pasteleria Glea with his partner and his parents, has passed through the workshops of professionals of the likes of Carles Mampel, Josep Maria Rodríguez, and Rafa Delgado.

“In Glea one can breathe the winds of modernity without losing the local reference, using the products offered by the fertile land of Murcia”

so good.. magazine #17

Featured in so good #17 and so good #29