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Desserts inspire the master chefs’ new ice creams

Christophe Michalak Jeff Oberweis Ladurée Pierre Hermé

July 1, 2014
Luis Concepción
Christophe Michalak Jeff Oberweis Ladurée Pierre Hermé
Desserts inspire the master chefs’ new ice creams

Glace Mogador is the new creation of Pierre Hermé. It is a reinterpretation of his well-known cake, Fetish Mogador, which is made from milk chocolate and passion fruit. Hermé’s ice cream creation is made of milk chocolate ice cream, passion fruit sorbet and pieces of roasted caramalised pineapple. It is a creation in which the sweetness of the milk chocolate balances the acidity of the passion fruit. This ice cream is an obvious gesture towards the small Parisian street in which the famous theatre of the same name resides and it heads up the new range of ice creams for 2014 from this exceptional professional. In addition, he will also be launching his original ice cream sandwiches, Miss Gla’Gla.

Christophe Michalak, another of the great names in refined pastry, has recreated his Ice Kream with a version that is much lower in calories due its base of sucralosa sweetener. In a new collaboration with the multinational Canderel, he shows that dessert gastronomy does not need to be at odds with a healthy diet. It is one of the new ice creams presented in tubs from his business Michalak Take Away, and contains a light cheesecake ice cream, a fruit compote, all topped with a Madagascar vanilla chantilly and crunchy hazelnuts. All the elements of the ice cream have been made with sucralosa to reduce the original recipe by calorie content by 34.3%.

The famous Luxembourg pastry chef, Oberweis, has made some research and development on one of his classic product lines. It is a piece of research that always includes ice cream, which has consistently been among his principal lines of work. Therefore, as we are discussing revisions of the classics, the pastry chef Jeff Oberweis heads into the territory of the ice cream cake, in its well known oval formats, with his Tarte glacée Pommes tatin. It is composed of a base of crunchy caramalised feuilleté, with vanilla and caramel ice cream and apple tart tatin. He has also launched his own version of the ice cream cake Vacherin, with a base of meringue, then vanilla and strawberry ice cream on top.

To move the focus now away from the adaptation of classical recipes, the new ice cream macaroons of Ladurée are remarkable for their subtle aromas. The collection consists of orange blossom ice cream and rose, raspberry and bilberry (blueberry) sorbets. The orange blossom ice cream benefits from the fragrance of the orange blossom as used in perfumes and cosmetics to present an exquisite and highly stylised ice cream to the Parisian market. The rose and raspberry sorbet is another foray into the aromatic possibilities of flowers in the world of ice cream. The raspberry is one of the most utilised fruits in French pastry. And, finally, there is the bilberry, or blueberry, sorbet.

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