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Books For Chefs Catalogue Gregory Doyen

Sweet Concepts, Gregory Doyen’s first book

Sweet Concepts, Gregory Doyen’s first book
March 19, 2021
Ana Rodríguez
Books For Chefs Catalogue Gregory Doyen

Gregory Doyen’s resumé is impressive. More than 20 years of experience, more than 270,000 followers on Instagram, demonstrations in 45 countries, 3,000 students or pastry enthusiasts trained in 2 years, ambassador of Silikomart Professional, Les Vergers Boiron and the Weiss chocolate Factory, and now, additionally, he publishes his first pastry book: Sweet Concepts.

Doyen tells us, “my first memory of making a cake was at the age of 10. I had cooked an 8cm-tall chocolate cake that obtained its full magnificence as I had added a hen made of powdered sugar on top of it. I had realized for the first time how important design was to me. Since then, I haven’t stopped my research for beauty and taste in all my creations ”. With this book, he adds, “I am opening the world of my pastry creations by sharing with you my best realizations from idea to conception. I am also disclosing all my know-how with the techniques that I have developed in order to achieve beautiful but also pastry that sells well. The recipes were done during my experiences all over the world and they match with local and international tastes. They have made my career over the last six years. Today, I have decided to reveal all of my pastry secrets to you ”.

Available in English in our Books For Chefs online store, Sweet Concepts contains 45 exclusive recipes and 220 sub-recipes divided into four categories (Mini sweets, Individual cakes, Entremets, and Festive cakes), 20 step-by-step technical guides, a reminder of all the basic techniques, tips, and notes, stories behind the creations, and testimonials from MOFs and world pastry champions like Yann Brys and Emmanuel Forcone.

With a simple, effective, and modern approach, it reflects the essence of Doyen’s pastry, which is based on three concepts: simplicity and ease of use, quality and authenticity of the ingredients, and design and modernity.

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