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We like it – So Good 22 is here

We like that Guillaume Schopphoven has imagined a round croissant and executed it successfully. We are seduced by the new approach that Marta Martín gives to her ‘chocolate air’. We are gratified by the fact that Melissa Walnock finds and shows us the magical ‘negative space’. We are pleased that Philippe Givre continues to enjoy baking because he learns something new every day regarding chocolate. We are captivated that Lauren Haas translates a scene from her childhood to a truly magical pastry creation. We are surprised to know that Blanca del Noval uses leftover ingredients to create new and beautiful desserts. We are proud to see how Nicolas Boussin fulfills his commitment as an MOF by transmitting his knowledge to the new generations. We are ecstatic that Joris Vanhee chooses this publication to share his exhaustive study on glazes with the entire sector. We are attracted to the artistic interpretation with which Roberto Cortez imbues his patisserie. We enjoy the spatial collaboration of Bart de Gans and Maurits Van der Vooren. We are happy that a young man like Yann Menguy opens his own establishment, in none other than Paris. We are interested to see how the series about ganache by Ramon Morató ends. We are intrigued by Luis Amado’s ability to personalize his bonbons. We are amazed by the curved cuts presented by Pieter Volder’s cakes. We are fascinated by the story of Jordan Kahn and his Vespertine. We are excited to see that serious work pays off, as in the case of the Academy Pastry Arts of Kuala Lumpur. We love telling the story of the four musketeers in Thailand. We are happy…

And because of this we like patisserie. And after all, patisserie is so good..

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