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Cédric Grolet

There is nothing that Cédric Grolet likes more than to revisit tradition, with reverence but without submission. An admiration that does not eclipse his ability to bring his personal and creative brushstroke through laborious piping and impossible decorations. In France he is one of the most clearly growing pastry chefs in recent years. It is not easy to surprise with simple pastry, but his precision in the finishes and the virtuosity of his decorations in classics such as Saint Honoré, the galette de rois, the Paris Brest, the millefeuille , the tartar aux pommes and other seasonal products, has led to half of France become fixated on him.

Cédric Grolet is Chef Pâtissier at the restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse (Paris) and continuously receives recognition in his country, the last of which was granted by the association Relais Desserts as “Meilleur Chef Pâtissier 2016”. Awards such as this carry a great responsibility in his daily life, but at the same time, he acknowledges that this, “is a huge reward for many years of work!”

In addition to running two pastry establishments, one on rue Castiglione and the other on avenue de l’Opéra in Paris, Grolet is also the author of the books, Fruits, Opéra and Fleurs.

Bio Highlights

2005 – First prize at the Festival National des Croquembouches.

From 2006-2011. Pâtissier at FAUCHON Paris.

2012 – Chef Pâtissier at the restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse (Paris)

2016 – The Relais Desserts association grants him the title of “Meilleur Chef Pâtissier”.

2017 – Launch of his cookbook Fruits.

2018 – Opening of his pastry shop Le Meurice Cedric Grolet.

2019 – Opening of his pastry shop Cédric Grolet Opéra.

2019 – Launch of his cookbook Opéra.

2022 – Launch of his cookbook Fleurs.

“If pretty, it attracts the customer – if tasty, it keeps them coming back”

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