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Oh là là!, a guide to navigate the world of doughs

Bakery Books For Chefs Catalogue Yohan Ferrant

October 4, 2022
Marc Oliva
Bakery Books For Chefs Catalogue Yohan Ferrant
Oh là là!, a guide to navigate the world of doughs

Oh Là Là!, Yohan Ferrant‘s first book, is a practical manual for creative baking and pastries, essential for professionals who want to delve into the world of dough, a world as complex as it is fascinating.

Through its 334 pages, this bilingual book (English & Spanish) gathers the particular way of understanding the job of the director of the Baking School Barcelona Sabadell. A vision marked by passion and discipline, two words that he has tattooed on his forearms so as not to forget that the job requires them to always be present. Over more than two decades, his professional concern has led him to learn organic baking in Paris, delve into durum wheat in Morocco, or harden himself in the demands of a gastronomic restaurant in London.

Published by Grupo Vilbo and available in our online bookstore Books For Chefs, Oh Là Là!  is structured in five large blocks to facilitate consultation as much as possible:


  • The first goes over the ingredients involved in baking from a practical perspective. Key questions are answered here, such as what must be taken into account when choosing a flour, what role does salt play, or how to start a sourdough.
  • The second goes into the processes that come into play in bakery, from kneading to cooking, through rounding, resting, and cutting. After the theory, twenty recipes are presented divided into four sections: commercial breads, breads with added nutritional value, special and terroir breads, and decorative breads.
  • The third block analyzes, with the collaboration of the Italian master Ezio Marinato, how to make a panettone, whether it be classic or chocolate.
  • The fourth section focuses on brioche, analyzing the key points for achieving a good result and declining this dough in different formats.
  • The fifth shows the enormous creative potential of puff pastry, from tips for making classic pieces such as the croissant and pain aux raisins, as well as signature creations such as the raspberry and yuzu flower.


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