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Forming loaves of bread and rounds. Joaquín Llarás ‘True Bread’ videos (1 of 6)

Bakery Joaquín Llarás

October 21, 2020
Marc Oliva
Bakery Joaquín Llarás
Forming loaves of bread and rounds. Joaquín Llarás ‘True Bread’ videos (1 of 6)
The True Bread Videos:

In the book True Bread, the expert baker Joaquín Llarás takes us through an extensive tour of some of the most typical bakery specialties of Spain, France, and Italy. White, hydrated, and enriched doughs that under his baton reach an excellent level of baked quality. In these videos, the owner of Quim Pa offers practical demonstrations and wise advice for shaping loaves of bread, chuscos, and hydrated doughs in different formats. He also shares his knack for classic Italian bakery, focaccia, and for its closest sweet relative in Catalonia, baker’s coca. Finally, his piece dedicated to the application of cuts before and after fermentation is very instructive.

The first video in the series is dedicated to shaping round loaves and long loaves or baguettes. The author intends to show in images the techniques of forming baguettes, batards, loaves finished in a ball and also how to shape round bread and giving it different finishes, such as how to make a peasant bread or a “pa de colze” , that is, a bread marked with an elbow.

The approach of the entire video is very pedagogical and is once again the ideal complement to the book True Bread, which provides detailed formulation and kneading, dividing, rounding and baking techniques for dozens of preparations.


True Bread by Joaquim Llaràs

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