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Pavoni Italia 2019 catalog: new partners and design molds

Pavoni Italia 2019 catalog: new partners and design molds

Pavoni Italia 2019 catalog: new partners and design molds

Pavoni Italia has presented the Catalog for the 2019 Collection, full of innovations that will enrich its wide and varied range of products. Functional solutions with an attractive design dedicated to the world of chocolate, desserts for cooking and freezing, and ice cream.

Following on-going partnerships with major national and international pastry chefs, this year the firm has continued its intense activity in the research and development of unique solutions capable of improving the interpretive skills of professionals, among which the new entries in the Collection stand out. 2019: Karim Bourgi and Maurizio Santin.

Excellence and quality in terms of taste and aesthetics are the guidelines of the eclectic Karim Bourgi. He came in third place in the Patissier dans le Monde 2014 and has designed the mold in the form of a silicone trunk for Pavoni, COIN, inspired by architectural lines with a contemporary flavor.

Perfection and simplicity characterize the mold created in a perfect style, “Less is More” in association with Maurizio Santin. For the Italian chef, “perfection lies in the balance of a few elements which mutually enhance each other. For me 3 cm is a challenge I love to overcome y using technique: 1 cm of chewiness, 1 cm of characterization with insert, 1 cm of silkiness and softness. There is no more space to fill at all costs with neutral tastes.”

At the level of expansion, it serves to highlight the range of PAVOFLEX silicone molds for individual portions and praline molds designed by pastry chef Antonio Bachour. A mix of attractive shapes that range from pop to minimal to oriental charm.

There are also new shapes in the Cake mold collection by Emmanuele Forcone, with the integration this year of the “mini” format, approximately 600 ml volume. The cakes can be improved by using silicone molds from the TOP range, which allows eye-catching decorations to be overlapped in a few simple steps.

Finally, the Progetto Crostate (Tart Project) line by Gianluca Fusto has been enriched with many new shapes and sizes for individual cakes: heart, circle and oval, triangle, rectangle, and square. A wide mix of micro-perforated strips for a perfect pastry baking and solid strips to create perfectly compatible layers and inserts.

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