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Entremet Recipes Raspberry Rose Desserts so good #14 William Curley

Raspberry and Rose Entremet by William Curley

Raspberry and Rose Entremet by William Curley

Photos: Jose Lasheras

William Curley and his partner, Suzue Curley

At this point, identifying William Curley as one of the most prominent pastry chefs in the UK is not an exaggeration. His establishments in London have become a temptation for the general public, firstly thanks to his bonbons and bars of chocolate, awarded multiple times by the English Academy of Chocolate, and secondly due to a purely French patisserie style whose followers continue to grow daily. Additional proof of this is his second book presented a few months ago with a name that does not leave much to the imagination: Pâtisserie.

Trained in France in such distinguished workshops as Fauchon when Pierre Hermé was there, another one of his main influences and mentors is Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir (Belmond, United Kingdom). Highlighted from his style is the wisdom to perfectly connect tradition, technique and updates to the classics. With an eye on the roots of the tradition, William Curley revisits école française standards with a comprehensive knowledge basis and a sensitive and colorful outlook. In large part, his partner, Suzue Curley, of Japanese origin, has also collaborated in this renewal and with whom he shares a passion and mastery for this trade.

book Pâtisserie by William CurleyThis interesting step-by-step recipe extracted from his second book, Pâtisserie

He will be one of the protagonists of the next edition of So Good, number 14. Now we leave you with this interesting step-by-step recipe for the creation of a raspberry and champagne jelly from his book, Pâtisserie. This jelly is part of a cake that he himself presents:

“I created this entremet for the Master of Culinary Arts award in 2013. It was well received, using classic techniques to create a contemporary design. The flavours were influenced by Pierre Hermé’s famous combination of rose, raspberry and lychee. Since the days of Pierre Hermé at Fauchon in Paris, I have always been inspired by his creations”.
William Curley