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Chocolate Oriol Balaguer

Escarchado with chocolate, fruit and tea by Oriol Balaguer

Escarchado with chocolate, fruit and tea by Oriol Balaguer


The type of obsession that Oriol Balaguer suffers is of a maximum degree, since it is projected in multiple manifestations. His is an obsession with quality, a job well-done, perfection, for continuing to improve, for harmony and balance, for aesthetics, for packaging. A high level of demand that is not limited to a specific facet or a single creation, and that is reflected in the cakes, desserts, petits fours, bonbons, artistic chocolate… in the more than 80 creations that are in his book, “Obsession”.

In his pieces, there is always an artistic component. A good example of this is Escarchado, one of the cakes included in the book “Obsession” and that he designed for his wedding with his wife, Marta. “We applied the spoon technique to decorate the cake, as if it were a cuisine dish. We sprayed white over black in order to obtain a frost-like texture. Its apparent it is nothing but perfect simplicity “, explains Balaguer.

A harmonious creation not only aesthetically, but also at the level of flavors, since it combines a delicate and subtle Criollo cocoa with aromatic fruit and tea in the form of a cream.
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This recipe yields four entremets. Outer molds: 16-cm- wide and 4-cm- high rings. Molds for the inserts: 14-cm- wide molds. Tasting temperature: 4ºC