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Hiroyuki Emori Mascarpone

Corn and mascarpone cake by Hiroyuki Emori

Corn and mascarpone cake by Hiroyuki Emori

Text: Reiko Matsuno | Photos: Haruko Amagata

Hiroyuki Emori is a professional figure of great importance in Japan and with great international projection. Head of Maison Givrée since 2017, he has developed a business that equally combines signature pastry and ice cream. Among his hallmarks is a preference for working vegetables into cakes and ice creams. “I think asparagus is like a fruit,” he explains, “because its juice is so sweet and juicy that it works wonderfully with white chocolate.” With this idea he shows us his usual assortment of cakes.

Having trained in the North of France together with illustrious masters such as Franck Fresson, at Maison Givrée the star cake format is the tartlet, either individually round or well portioned in the form of a wedge. All these cakes usually have a crunchy base, a cooked cream, and other airy creams with which to complete each proposal.