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> > The Corn Egg, a “Crème Caramel” by Miguel Sierra
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The Corn Egg, a “Crème Caramel” by Miguel Sierra

December 19, 2013
The Corn Egg, a “Crème Caramel” by Miguel Sierra
Miguel Sierra
Flan crémeux with caramel sheets, aguardiente gelée and bracken sprouts

If hens were fed the best corn, it would be sensible to think that the resulting eggs would also have the best quality. So as to give this a graphic view, Miguel Sierra has created ‘the corn egg’, inside which it is easy to notice the ‘grains’ perfectly, and even the ‘corncob’ itself, as the author has a very special connection with them. Indeed, some years ago this atypical pastry chef, cook, glacier, chocolatier and even farmer, restored the original corn which arrived in Spain from America through the coast of Tapia de Casariego (in Asturias) five centuries ago.

This concern –and fascination– about the origin of products is perfectly reflected on this dessert, in which the corn grains are not made of real corn but flan, accompanied by the indispensable caramel sauce which in this case is solid and in the shape of sheets. We still don’t know which came first –the hen or the egg?–,The Egg Corn steps but we do know that the origin of the best egg will always be the best corn.

The Egg Corn

bracken sprouts

caramel sheets

aguardiente gelée

vainilla oil 

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flan crémeux

  • 150 g sugar
  • 300 g cream, 35% fat
  • 106 g  egg yolk
  • 7 g  gelatin sheets
  • 445 g  semi-whipped cream, 35% fat

Bloom the gelatin in cold water, drain and dry. Heat the cream with 100 g sugar. Caramelize the remaining 50 g sugar and deglaze with the cream. Pour over the egg yolks and cook to 82ºC. Add the gelatin. At a temperature of 29ºC, fold in the semi-whipped cream. Fill the corn-shaped molds, previously dusted with cocoa powder. Freeze.


Give the egg a rusty look with the help of a brush and some cocoa.
Flatten the base of the egg and place on the plate. On the inside, alternate corn-shaped flan crémeux and caramel sheets.
For this dessert, either a whole egg or half of it can be used.
Allow the crémeux to acquire the correct temperature. Lay the bracken sprouts with some vanilla oil and the apple aguardiente gelée.

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