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Azelia Exotica Chocolate entremet by Oriol Balaguer

October 11, 2018
Azelia Exotica Chocolate entremet by Oriol Balaguer
Oriol Balaguer
Azélia milk chocolate crémeux and mousse, hazelnut sponge cake and streussel and exotic gelatin

Oriol Balaguer was one of the star guests of the inauguration of L’École Valrhona Brooklyn in 2015. Three years later, the Spanish chef has returned to the school to explain his “pastry style.” A two-day course, aimed exclusively at members of Valrhona’s Cercle V, in which he shared his creativity and award-winning techniques without reservation.

Balaguer is a master of chocolate and a pastry chef with a very personal style that has led him to be recognized internationally and win numerous awards, for example, the Prix au Chef Patissier 2018 awarded by the International Academy of Gastronomy, Spain’s Best Artisan Butter Croissant 2014, and Spain’s Best Panettone 2017. And, of course, his the author of OBsession.

During his masterclass he presented creations like this Azelia Exotica Entremet, of which we detail the recipe below.

Photos: Alex Ayer

Hazelnut madeleine sponge cake

  • 125 g eggs
  • 200 g sugar
  • 200 g plain flour
  • 125 g powder of unpeeled and toasted hazelnut
  • 15 g baking powder
  • 250 g milk
  • 175 g liquid butter
  • 150 g  Biskelia 34% chocolate

Beat eggs with sugar until total whitening and fluffiness.
Incorporate the milk and the mixture of chocolate and butter
Add the sieved flour and baking powder mixture and the hazelnut powder.
Rest 30 minutes and pour into the 14 cm inner rings. of diameter 80 g. Cook at 180ºc. 8 minutes.

Crémeux Azélia

  • 250 g cream
  • 250 g milk
  • 100 g yolks
  • 50 g sugar
  • 3 g gelatine sheets
  • 370 g  Azélia 35% milk chocolate

Make a créme anglaise. Pour the anglaise over the melted Azelia chocolate and emulsify, add the gelatin sheets. Once the emulsion is at about 40ºC, add the whipped cream and mix until you get an impeccable emulsion, which is to say,  smooth, shiny and elastic. pour in the molds and freeze.

Azélia mousse

  • 335 g crème anglaise base 
  • 500 g Azelia milk 35% chocolate
  • 3 g gelatine sheets
  • 500 g  whipped cream

Heat the Anglaise and pour on top of the shredded cover and emulsify to achieve a smooth and elastic texture. At 38ºC. add the whipped cream. Mix until you get a smooth and bright mixture.

Hazelnut streusel

  • 500 g granulated brown sugar 
  • 500 g cake flour T55
  • 500 g powdered hazelnuts, toasted with skin
  • 500 g butter
  • 5 g salt

Mix all the ingredients together until a homogeneus mixture is obtained. Reserve in the refrigerator for about four hours. Laminate in a dough shetter on position 4 and bake at 150-160ºC to a golden color (approximately 20 minutes).

A gentle, low-temperature baking will ensure an optimum result.

Milk couverture glaze

  • 300 g heavy cream 35% fat
  • 80 g glucose syrup DE 44
  • 700 g Jivara Lactée milk couvertuer 40%
  • 10 g gelatin sheets
  • 350 g neutral gelatin

Combine the cream and glucose and bring to a boil. Whisk in the bloomed gelatin sheets to dissolve. Strain over the melted couverture and emulsifyu until a smooth, shiny texture is obtained. Add the neutral gelatin and emuilsify. Leave aside and use at 35ºC.

Exotic gelatin

  • 200 g yuzu juice
  • 250 g lime juice
  • 350 g mango purée
  • 200 g passionfruit juice
  • 20 g N.H. pectin
  • 140 g inverted sugar
  • 175 g sugar

Bombine fruits purées with the juices. Heat a small amoun of it with the sugar and pectin. Bring to 90ºC. Add remaining ingredients.


We will assembly everything upside down, starting with the Azelia mousse, then the crémeuix and sponge cake. Finsih with remaining mousse and hazelnut strezel. Freeze.
Glaze and decorate with exotic gelée.

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