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Pastry Products

Okabo, blonde chocolate from Deremiens with numerous taste combinations

In this release, François Deremiens uses unrefined sugar sourced from Belgian sugar beets.More info

Cacao Barry launches an innovative collection of eight extra-fine cocoa powders

These cacao powders, each with their own technical benefits, distinct colors, and flavors, are divided into three specific ranges.More info

Chocolate 60 DAYS, Puratos’s first carbon-neutral-certified product

In its preparation, fermentation in acacia wood boxes is combined with slow roasting methods.More info

Valrhona celebrates 100 years of commitment to ethical chocolate with Komuntu 80%

With this launch, the company reflects the strong ties it has with its cocoa-partners, suppliers, employees, and customers.More info

Les Vergers Boiron expands its range of room temperature fruit purées

Pear, apricot, and pineapple are their three new flavors.More info

Butter ghee for Arabic pastry and sweet preparations

Dutch Meadows and Blenda have a natural and very versatile butter ghee.More info

Callebaut launches NXT, dairy-free and plant-based chocolate

To achieve the creamy mouthfeel and flavor, Callebaut extracts a 100% vegetable milk-alternative from the chufa plant, which is very respectful of the environmentMore info

Hug launches Filigrano mini coffee-tartelettes for high-end gastronomy

Made with sustainably grown coffee, they are suitable for hot and cold recipes.More info

Gelecta revolutionizes how texture is made in pastry

With this innovation, chefs can create gelatin shapes easily, quickly, and accurately.More info

Barbara Decor launches new chocolate decorations on the occasion of its 30th anniversary

Buttons, hearts, and kisses, circles and squares, stars and pearls. Barbara Luijckx’s brand continues to help professionals create modern sweet arrangements.More info

Valrhona Amatika 46%, first pure vegan Grand cru origin Madagascar

The brand gives the opportunity of exploring the potential of vegan pastry and reaching a wider audience with this chocolate.
More info

Rémy Cointreau launches ‘caketails’ created by Otto Tay and Manuel Bouillet

The Caketail is a new offer of consumption like tea time or gourmet coffee, though with an originality that is sure to be attractive.More info

Aalst Chocolate renews the Pâtissier Chocolate packaging

Taking care of every last detail, including presentation, the range of chocolates pays homage to the cocoa areas that gave rise to the firm with its design More info

Upfield Professional launches a 100% vegan cream for pastry chefs

Created from lentil proteins and vegetable oils, it is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant, vegans, and sufferers of celiac disease. More info

Norohy, Valrhona’s first organic vanilla bean, arrives in the USA

Food waste is reduced with this product that has sweet and floral aromas with powerful notes of cocoa.More info

Mindful Choices, Guittard chocolate with sugar alternatives

This new collection adapts to the dietary preferences of modern consumers and helps pastry shops create desserts without refined sugar.More info

Barbara Decor’s Art Grillage line expands its repertoire

The Barbara Luijckxn brand expands its chocolate jewelry collection range.
More info

Valrhona expands its Inspiration range in the USA with Raspberry

By popular demand, the firm launched this couverture which is already available in Europe in early March.More info

Intuition Collection, colored cocoa butter by Jerome Landrieu

Pastry Chef’s Boutique presents, together with the French chef, this exclusive line that reflects the hues of natural flavors.More info

Yuzu is added to the Valrhona Inspiration range

This vibrant flavor, with no dairy or gluten, reaches the North American market.
More info

Barbara Decor launches the chocolate jewelry collection, Art Grillage

These chocolate decorations are ideal for enhancing the three-dimensional impact of pastry creations.
More info

Valrhona Sakanti 68%, Grand Cru dark chocolate from Bali

This cuvée was born from the desire of the French chocolate manufacturer to support cooperatives such as the Balinese KSS, which grows crops of increasing quality.More info

Kayambe 36%, the ivory chocolate with the lowest sugar content by the Manufacture Cluizel

To get this creamy and smooth chocolate, the company has incorporated grains of real Bourbon vanilla pods.
More info

Felchlin reinvents the gianduja

The company presents Gianduja Intenso, a less sweet version with an intensely roasted nut flavor.More info

The Chocolate Oyster, Dobla’s latest invention

The specialist in chocolate decorations completes its Nature range with surprising ornaments inspired by one of the most appreciated shellfish.More info

The Double Nature Range grows

The collection of handmade chocolate decorations inspired by nature offers a finishing touch to any dessert or cake.More info

Shortcrust pastry tartlets, ready for filling

The specialist in crunchy bases for pies in all formats and for sweet and savory applications will not miss the next edition of Sirha.More info

A floral delight with Fresh Origins Flower Crystals®Rose™

Made from fresh edible roses, they bring texture, emotion and a distinctive touch to any dessert.More info

Real-looking fruit and Fast food with chocolate, Dobla’s new products

The European manufacturer presents two new concepts: Natura Range and Fast Chocolate Experience.More info

Valrhona Signature, a new range of premium decorations

As a true partner to Chefs, the French chocolate manufacturer presents this new range for Chocolate and Pastry in North America.More info

Valrhona Inspiration Almond and Passion Fruit couvertures

Valrhona, the leading French chocolate manufacturer for the top pastry chefs throughout the world, has announced the launch of its new Inspiration Range.

Since Almond and Passion Fruit, the first ever fruit and nut couvertures have the benefit of containingMore info

Barbara Decor range of chocolates

How to decorate a product in an impressive but simple cost-efficient way?More info

Patapoch – The innovative stencil kit

Patapoch, the tile stencil kit, an infinity of possibilitiesMore info

Hug’s Fligrano: ‘Fine Arts’ for creative chefs

HUG is expanding its Filigrano line – a range of products for desserts and snacks – from mini to maxi – made from short-crust dough with 100% Swiss butter – exclusively made by HUGMore info

Fino de Aroma cocoa from Peru to the world

Fino de Aroma cocoa from Peru to the world, a perfect balance of bitter notes and subtle sweet tones.More info

Guanaja 30 ans, 30 years since a great leap

A combination of harvests from diverse origins (Latin America, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Africa) that has notes with a very strong personalityMore info

Icam cioccolatieri celebrates its 70th anniversary and presents Agostoni

Exalting the flavour of chocolate and cocoa in ice-cream, with a selection of premium products that have extraordinary flavor profiles.More info

Panela as an essential ingredient to sweeten its chocolate couvertures, by CasaLuker

4 new chocolate couvertures and powdered panela for professional use. More info

deZaan™ Gourmet launches white compound coating OPAL

Opal, a unique white compound coating made with non-hydrogenated fats and natural vanilla joins deZaan™ Gourmet’s premium collectionMore info

deZaan™ Gourmet strengthens its commitment to Belgian chocolate

Emotion 58, the addition of dark chocolate couvertureMore info

Ready-to-fill bases by Masdeu

Neutral bases with different flavors of the highest qualityMore info

Limoncello concentrate natural aroma 70% volume, by Premium Gastronomie

Premium Gastronomie launches a real concentrate of natural aroma.More info

Felchlin – Grand Cru, Cacao Costa Rica

Grand Cru couvertures made of noble cacao from the Finca La Amistad, Costa Rica.More info

Barry Callebaut’s IBC brand launches Power Flowers™

Barry Callebaut’s IBC brand launches Power Flowers™, the ultimate food coloring system for personalization.More info

Chocolate accents by pregel

Ready-made chocolate decor creates new line for dessert ingredient company.More info

New Showstoppers™ by Stéphane Tréand

The new Showstoppers™, by Chicago Mold School and Stéphane TréandMore info

Edible Gold Made Easy…

So elegant … so beautiful … so easy to use .. Transform your pâtisserie into haute pâtisserie !More info

Nielsen-Massey, enjoy the finest pure vanillas and flavors

Truly fine vanilla is at once rich, sweet and sophisticated, possessing a euphoric flavor and fragrance that sends pure joy to the pleasure centers of the brain. More info

NEW Duna – exclusive praline mold and packaging

Felchlin launch Duna, the interesting and exclusive praline mold.More info

Productos Hillbo – New Christmas Catalog 2013

In Hillbo we offer a wide range of products, designs and formats. We are sure you will find the item you need.More info

Chocolate Moments, the FREE Dobla App for the iPad!

With the New FREE Dobla App, learn the art of decorating cakes and desserts.More info

CasaLuker presents Luker 1906 Dark Chocolate Single Origin – Arauca 70%

Visit CasaLuker and try their NEW Arauca 70% among other Fine Flavour chocolate couvertures and also the NEW line of chocolate dragees – Luker MARACAS. More info

Pregel. New Evolution Glazes for coating cakes, mousses, ..

PreGel’s Evolution Glazes are available in seven flavors and provide a touch of flavor and brilliant sheen to desserts, and are very easy to apply. More info

Felchlin. CR88E Maracaibo Intenso 66%, couverture dark, rondo

Intenso is particularly created for making interiors and ganaches. More info

Pidy launches the cup based on fruit

An ideal base for your mini desserts. Combine flavours and create modern sweets. More info