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Mike Adelsten

Mike Adelsten

Attentive readers of so good will find Mike Adelsten linked to an interesting establishment founded in Copenhagen a few years ago, Winterspring. Although he mainly has a culinary background, his interest in pastry had already led him to work as a pastry chef in other restaurants previously. His creative eagerness to participate in a personal project has now turned to Rasmus Munk’s powerful The Alchemist. There he contributes from the pastry side to create a unique experience for the diner, not only in terms of dishes, where he pivots from more comfortable dishes and proposals to real challenges. The experience, as we say, aspires to be multisensory, that is why new technologies and 3D contribute to the construction of an entire concept around each dish, a story in which what is served is one more aspect within a message by example of sustainability of the planet or the importance of donating blood.

“We would rather serve a dessert that not everybody will enjoy and some people will find brilliant, than something like vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce that we know everybody likes –but does not necessarily make an impact.”

So good..magazine #26

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