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Matthieu Atzenhoffer

Master baker of great projection who in 2019 became one of the youngest professionals to obtain the MOF boulanger title. Ambitious and restless, he likes to test his creativity in competitions and the results couldn’t be better. In 2015 he participated with the French team at the Mondial du Pain, coming in second place and taking the award for best pastries.

When it comes to his professional experience, he highlights his time at the Hertzog bakery, in a town in Alsace, very close to Germany. There he learned classic creations such as the bretzel and specialties associated with festivities, which are the basis of the trade.

Atzenhoffer has been living in Barcelona for years, working as a trainer in different schools and as an international advisor.

Bio Highlights

2015 – Mondial du Pain (second place and best viennoiserie)

2019 – MOF Boulanger

“It is interesting to see how many people today leave jobs with social and economic recognition, for example marketing directors or mathematicians, to open pastry shops and bakeries”

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