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Matías Risé

It is in 2013 when this professional from Argentina discovers his vocation for pastry, changing culinary studies for more specific ones. From there, he has done nothing else but enter the dynamic international scene of modern pastry making to try to introduce a new trend of products in line with Argentinian culture. Reduced sweetness, crisp flavors, a diverse palette of flavors that do not necessarily go through dulce de leche and many other aspects build his personal style. With a pastry studio at the Guermes Galleries in Buenos Aires, today he is one of the strongest exponents of this pastry renewal in Argentina.

A completely technological pastry chef, “I love trends, new techniques. Discovering ingredients and materials, but I am convinced that in order to venture into the new, you have to have the classic bases in mind ”.

So good… magazine # 24

Featured in so good #24