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John Kraus

John Kraus

He’s the owner of Patisserie 46, a unique establishment in Minnesota. He belongs to the new generation of the American haute pâtisserie.

He was training to be a cook until one day he tasted a croissant and became fascinated by its wonderful simplicity. Then he directed his studies towards the world of sweet. Today John Kraus is the owner of Patisserie 46, a unique establishment in Minnesota in which simple and good things are just doubly good, and in which they are ruled by a different clock. ‘We offer people a place to take a break, breath and enjoy the moments as they pass… Life’s moments are too important and you don’t get them back. Life keeps going so stop for a few minutes and enjoy something wonderful with someone’.


  • 2002– Patisfrance Pastry Chef of the Year and the National Dessert Champion of 2002.
  • 2002– Chefs Pfeiffer and Cannone offered him join the professors’ team at The French Pastry School, where he would stay for one decade.
  • 2004– Food Network’s Chocolate Challenge in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Chef John Kraus was declared the winner with his sculpture titled “Love Takes Flight”
  • 2005– Chef Kraus was named one of the Top Ten Pastry Chefs in the United States by Pastry Art & Design magazine.
  • 2011– Chef Kraus left Chicago and settled down in Minneapolis to bring up his children and open Patisserie 46
  • 2014– John Kraus was selected as team U.S.A.’s captain at the 2015 Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
  • 2016 -Opening of Rose Street Pâtisserie at Minnesota

The purest form of creativity is simplicity. Flavor combinations don’t need to be too complicated. Complicated is different than complex
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