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Jialin Tian

NASA Engineer and passionate about patisserie, she is known for her studies on the macaron and the pâte à choux.

Jialin Tian is an electro-optical systems engineer for NASA and a pastry chef; the scientific thoroughness that she applies in all her elaborations stands out. Her rigor has resulted in two books (Macaron Magic and Macaron Magic 2: Individual Desserts and Showpieces). Her other great passion is pâte à choux. She also feels a penchant for artistic pieces and the specialties of her native China.

Bio Highlights

2011 – Publication of ‘Macaron Magic’

2012 – Publication of ‘Macaron Magic 2: Individual Desserts and Showpieces’

2013 – Publication of ‘Choux Temptations’

2017 – Publication of ‘Little Choux Temptations’

“Pastry and science have many similarities. Both are highly disciplined fields that require creative concepts, careful planning, clean organization, meticulous execution, rigorous testing and detailed documentation”
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