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Emmanuel Hamon

Dedicated to his role as trainer and consulting around the world, Emmanuel Hamon decided in 2015 to close his own pastry shop and dedicate himself to what he likes, exchanging knowledge with other professionals and unleashing his creativity. Varied and surprising forms and a set of flavors that constantly interact between his French influences and the ingredients of other cultures.. His very last move, has been become the director of the Academy of Baking Arts (ABA) in Lebanon.

Bio Highlights 

  • 2001 Opening of Pâtisserie Hamon in Brest, France
  • 2003 Launch of Caramel brand P’tit Zef
  • 2012 Fino de Aroma Master Chocolatier World Ambassador for Casa Luker Chocolates
  • 2013 “Global Strategy of Innovation” award from Stars et Métiers
  • 2015 Opening of Emmanuel Hamon Pastry Consulting LLC
  • 2019 Director of the Academy of Baking Arts, Lebanon

My choice of flavors is classic, but still rediscovering ingredients that in my French culture had an almost unidirectional use.

so good.. magazine #18

Featured in so good #18

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