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Antony Prunet

At Maison Guignard’s in Arcachon (France) Antony Prunet has total freedom to develop his creative ideas and put into practice. Simplicity, a search for essential flavors, completely unmasked, and colorful presentations, as well ase free from superficial elements. This is the new generation, bursting onto the scene and steadily focusing on the auhenticitu of flavors, non overelaborate combinations (two or three flavors at the most), and a bubbly yet refined presentation. He is young and ambitious, does not dismiss any opportunity and has his eye on television to star ina program that shows the complexity and beauty of the pastry trade.

Bio Highlights

2009 – Pastry Chef “de création” at Maison Alain Guignard, Arcachon (France)

2010 – 2nd prize at Meilleu Macaron de France and 3rd prize for the plated dessert category

2011 – Criolo Trophy

2012 – World champion at Cannelénium Contest (Cannelé World Championship)

“If there are still paths to explore?, I think there is no better path than to love this business, be passionate, sweet, be curious, love fine products and work really hard to get the best result every time”
so good.. magazine #13

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