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> > > The ‘street cake’ popsicle comes to Une Glace à Paris with a bang
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The ‘street cake’ popsicle comes to Une Glace à Paris with a bang

November 27, 2018
The ‘street cake’ popsicle comes to Une Glace à Paris with a bang
Luis Concepción

Always looking for new emotions in ice cream, MOF Glacier Emmanuel Ryon and pastry chef Olivier Ménard have now adapted their cutting-edge ice cream shop to the popsicle format. This format is deployed in Une Glace à Paris through two product lines: those around the street cake concept and travel pastry, and the gastronomic ones that reclaim raw materials.

In the “street cakes”, Ryon adapts his sweet gastronomy to the new consumption codes of today’s life through this format. Travel pastry, creations like cakes, biscuits, financiers, and Genoa bread have been thought to be easily consumed while travelling. These pastry popsicles play with the winning combinations of the house, sophistication and creamy interiors of intense flavors. The collection consists of four references, Street Cake Matcha Géranium (Genoa bread sponge cake with matcha green tea, geranium punch, heart of strawberry jam and decorated with pistachio grains and rose petals); Street Cake Agrumes (tender weekend cake, flavored with citrus, lemon, and bitter orange, candied oranges); Street Cake Chocolat Noisette (tender cake with chocolate and imbibed with cocoa punch, pearls of Tanzania dark chocolate and hazelnut gianduja); and Street Cake Châtaigne (chestnut cake made with chestnut flour, which gives this component a fine texture and enhances the flavor, chestnut cream inside and decorated with candied chestnuts).

Meanwhile, in the line of gastronomic popsicles, the marron glacé, matcha green tea, and geranium are very present products. Thus, at Marron Glacé, they work with a chestnut variety grown in the Pyrenees and roasted in a wood-fired oven. In the workshop they are comfited and integrated into the ice cream. Within this line you can also find Découverte, an exquisite combination of matcha-geranium green tea ice cream and a strawberry fondant core. As Ryon himself explains, “the final touch are the crisp rose petal notes.”