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Relais Desserts takes on four new members

September 22, 2016
Relais Desserts takes on four new members
Jaume Cot

Every autumn, the Ecole Nationale Superiure de Pâtisserie (ENSP) in Yssingeaux hosts a Relais Desserts seminar on their collective work. In addition to taking advantage of the meeting, dozens of famous guide’s members from around the world come together to do or participate in different technical workshops so as to share their skills and knowledge. Another star of the meeting is the presentation of the new members admitted to the Association. Sponsored by two other figures, each of these candidates must make a personal creation and a small buffet presentation before being ratified.

The pastry chefs who have entered this time come from very different corners of the planet. Starting with France we have Cédric Pernot, based in Chambery, the American John Kraus (so good#16 and so good#11), and the Japanese chef Yoshiaki Kaneko (so good #11).

The Spanish chef Daniel Álvarez (so good # 5) was the fourth professional to become a member in this exclusive collective. Based in the Costa Blanca, this specialist in flaky doughs is preparing a monograph with So Good that will be released early next year. For decades, Relais Desserts has been gathering distinguished patisseries committed to savoir faire pâtissier in their ranks. Among its members are some of the most prominent pastry chefs from France and around the world.