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Searching for the US Chocolatier of the Year

Searching for the US Chocolatier of the Year


Alberto Ruiz

Cacao Barry and The Chocolate Academy of Chicago are making the final preparations for the third edition of L’Art du Chocolatier, this May 17th and 18th. Five finalists, previously selected and coming from all over the US, are to make a showpiece, a sugar confection, a chocolate tablet and a dessert in a glass concept during the two days of the competition.

The winner will become the Chocolatier of the Year 2013, besides pocketing up to $12,000 in cash and prizes.

After an exhaustive selection, the short-listed candidates are as follows:

  • Romain Fournel, Assistant Pastry Chef, Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Kei Hasegawa, Pastry Chef, Matsuhisa Restaurant, Beverly Hills, California
  • Jérôme Jacob, Assistant Pastry Chef, Bellagio Resort Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Santosh Tiptur, Executive Pastry Chef, Co Co. Sala Restaurant and Chocolate Boutique, Washington, D.C.
  • Sean Pera, Pastry Cook, The Umstead Hotel & Spa, Cary, N.C.

The organization has also announced the make-up of the jury, which will be presided by the Canadian chocolatier Christophe Morel. The complete composition of the jury is as follows:

  • John Kraus, Proprietor and Chef, Patisserie 46, Minneapolis, MN
  • Jerome Landrieu, Cacao Barry Technical Advisor & Director of the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy™ Center Chicago, Illinois
  • Frédéric Moreau, Cacao Barry Ambassador & Executive Pastry Chef, The St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, CA
  • Christophe Morel, Master Chocolatier, “Christophe Morel”, and Cacao Barry Ambassador, Canada
  • Josep Maria Ribé, Technical Advisor, Chocolate Academy™ Center, Gurb, Spain.

All those chefs who wish to witness the competition are requested to confirm their attendance at the following email address:

Simon Bregardis showpiece
Simon Bregardis showpiece
Simon Bregardis showpiece
Simon Bregardis showpiece


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