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Nicolas Riveau returns Charles Proust to France

November 11, 2016
Nicolas Riveau returns Charles Proust to France
Jaume Cot

The pastry chef and instructor of the Ecole Valrhona du Grand Chocolat, Nicolas Riveau, prevailed in the last edition of the Charles Proust Competition that Relais Desserts organizes every two years in the framework of the Salon du Chocolat of Paris. Once again, the exceptional level of the participants allowed the attending public to enjoy artistic pieces that integrated elements of chocolate and sugar indistinctly as well as a chocolate entremet that had to be harmoniously assembled in the piece.

He was the best at interpreting the theme of the competition “Craftsmanship, a French heritage” with spectacular work inspired by the world of sewing. But the artistic side of the composition was not the only thing being evaluated, the tasting of the cake, which had to contain milk and dark Guanaja chocolate couverture, was another crucial aspect, as well as the correct performing of their work in front of a live audience.

Nicolas Riveau beat the Japanese chef Gen Sasaki, returning the trophy to French domain after losing it in the previous edition. In third place was François Daubinet, while Adrien Petitgenet won a special press award. Among the eight finalists were chefs from France, Japan, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

A high-level jury also indicated the importance of this competition, which for many is the prelude to the MOF patissier. Jean-Philippe Darcis (so good #5) was president, accompanied by Patrick Agnellet, Nicolas Bacheyre, Yann Brys (so good #8), Jean-Michel Perruchon (so good #8), and Norihiko Terai, who were part of the artistic jury. Meanwhile, the evaluation of the tasting was performed by Claire Damon, Benoit Couvrant (so good #11), Christophe Felder, Claire Heitzler (so good #7 and so good #12), Lionel Lallemand, and Arnaud Larher (so good #7).