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10 movies in love with pastry

Pastry in Times of Coronavirus

May 29, 2020
Jaume Cot
Pastry in Times of Coronavirus
10 movies in love with pastry

These are times of quarantine and of rediscovering the pleasure of domestic activities, among which one cannot miss enjoying series and good films. That is why we take advantage of the circumstances to offer you ten unique proposals with pastry as the leading role. Of course the cinema has paid tribute to gastronomy on numerous occasions, perhaps one of the most acclaimed recently is Ratatouille, but we all have in mind many other films (Mostly  Martha, Julia et Julie, Eat, Drink, Love) acclaimed by the public and critics. But what do we know about the films that focus more on pastry? These are our suggestions for non-stop mouth watering in front of the screen. Of course, for those who can read us and can do something about it, we ask aloud here: When will we have a series among cakes and candies? We need it!


1. Sweet Bean (2015)

A tender and suggestive portrait of the characters of a Japanese pastry shop that worship the dorayaki and other wagashi. The relationship of an older lady, who enters as an employee in the premises, and its owner, will advance the story with the best aromas and sweets. In 2015 this film had a great reception at the Cannes Festival. Another film with a Japanese flair but with a Spanish bill that in this case extols mochis, and that would be very entertaining, is Isabel Coixet’s Map of the Sounds of Tokyo (2009).


2. Chocolat (2000)

A classic work of cinema of all time, which only earns more and more respect and recognition over the years, with a very young Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp as protagonists. The opening of a small chocolate shop in a French provincial town, and precisely during Lent, will revolutionize the modest neighborhood, which will not be able to resist the truths that the aroma of good chocolate reveal.


3. Vatel (2000)

For lovers of French pastry and its remote origins, interspersed with the decline of the nobility in the times of King Louis XV, the Sun King, this fantastic portrait of François Vatel, interpreted by Gerard Depardieu, will make your mouth water and thrill you in more than one of its mythical fragments. And if you can’t get enough, although with less culinary value, you can link it to the pop vision of Maria Antoniette (2006) by Sofia Coppola.


4. Charlie and the chocolate factory (2005)

We are left with Tim Burton’s latest version of this Roald Dahl classic from the English narrative. Never has a factory looked as gigantic and sweet as Willy Wonka’s hard-working factory. Especially indicated to be seen with the youngest in the home, we hope that revisiting it or seeing it for the first time makes you feel as good as the protagonist winning one of the precious golden tickets.


5. Waitress (2007)

A comedy that perhaps went somewhat unnoticed at the time, but that is loaded with very sweet sequences based on cakes with which the protagonist tries to express her feelings. If after watching the movie you don’t feel like making a good pecan pie, pastry doesn’t run through your veins. Another comedy in the same line that may interest you is that of My Bakery in Brooklyn (2016).


6. Small time crooks (2000)

In agreement is Woody Allen, with everything that has the characteristic Woody Allen cinema. But in this crazy comedy, what nobody expects is that by selling cookies in a restaurant a gang of thieves use as a cover to dig a tunnel to the safe of a nearby bank becomes … well, better watch the movie and have a good time.


7. Haute cuisine (2012)

This is one of those gems to enjoy from start to finish. Based on real events, a cook from the Perigord region travels to the Champs-Elysées to become President Mitterrand’s chef. Full of dishes and desserts with which to salivate over and enjoy the career of a chef who left her mark on French haute cuisine.


8. Babette’s feast (1987)

Another classic Oscar winner that cannot be missed in any self-respecting gastronomic cinema selection, and which also deserves your full attention from a sweeter point of view is this film by Gabriel Axel in which a young and mysterious French maid revolutionizes the palates of her guests in 19th century Denmark. Narrative rhythm, sensitivity, and sensuality by the bite.


9. Chef’s Table: Pastry (2018)

We leave fiction behind but not the screen treated with love, cakes, and sensitivity. We do it to check out the series of four profiles that Netflix and its Chef’s Table dedicated to famous pastry chefs from all over the world, among them Jordi Roca, Will Goldfarb and Christina Tosi. An opportunity to be inspired by great professionals in Spain, Bali, New York, or Italy.

(Available on Netflix)


10. Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier? (2013-2017)

We definitely abandon the big screen to enter one of those totally exceptional competitions. It had to be in France, the cradle of good pastry, where they organize a 100% professional competition to enjoy the technical and creative level of both its great professionals and young promises. Each and every one of the seasons is totally recommended. You have a good review of them on their YouTube channel (tip: activate subtitles to understand all of the conversations although in a limited way).