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Books For Chefs Catalogue Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé’s gourmet recipes for every moment of the day in his new book

Pierre Hermé’s gourmet recipes for every moment of the day in his new book
November 9, 2021
Ana Rodríguez
Books For Chefs Catalogue Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé transforms every hour of the day into a gourmet experience in his new book, Infiniment Pâtisserie, organized into five great moments: breakfast, snack time, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Five moments that  become opportunities to taste cakes, pastries, tarts, biscuits, plated desserts, and many more sweet, elegant, modern, and infinite preparations.

Published by La Martinière and available in French in our Books For Chefs online store, it gathers 66 new recipes, from Granola Infinement Chocolat for breakfast to Vacherin Garance for dinner or Plénitude Cookie for afternoon tea. All of them are creative and refined proposals with a clean style.

“Imagining a sweet leads me to think about the people who are going to choose it, the places where it will be served, the time of day it will be tasted, the dishes in which it will be presented, all this contributes to my reflection and the experience that I want to offer at all times ”, Hermé claims. In this book, he continues, “I wanted to be more intimate and personal. For this reason, I enter the cozy and comforting atmosphere of your home to share life moments, those moments that become the sweetest memories ”.

There is nothing at all random here; everything has a reason. In the breakfast chapter, he invites the reader to choose what type of delicacy they prefer to start the day with, from fruit salads with seasonal fruit, granola and homemade yogurt to mocha coffee with a brioche fresh from the oven. For snack time, the chef invites you to take a few moments to rest and surrender to gluttony with cakes, muffins, or cannelloni. At lunch time, without a doubt a moment of conviviality, Hermé proposes desserts such as scented panna cottas, the elegant Bayadère, or babas. In terms of afternoon snacks, to be shared and depending on the time of year, he has designed French toast and puff pastry galettes for the winter and butterscotch creams for the summer. Finally, at dinner time, the proposals are more sophisticated: desserts to be shared, air soufflés, bûches, and vacherins.


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