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Books For Chefs Catalogue Nina Métayer

Delicate pastry, the focus of Nina Métayer’s first book

Delicate pastry, the focus of Nina Métayer’s first book
February 8, 2022
Ana Rodríguez
Books For Chefs Catalogue Nina Métayer

“For me, confectionery tastes like the joy of being together. Baking a beautiful cake is first and foremost about making a good cake and having fun making it.” This is the guiding thread of the book, La Délicate Pâtisserie, by Nina Métayer, available in French on our Books For Chefs online store.

The book, with photographs by Mathieu Salomé, proposes preparations for all those moments of the day that invite gluttony, from breakfast (Babka noix de pécan) and afternoon tea (Flan Tonka), to festive desserts (Galette Notre-Dame), plated (Île flottante exotique), or to be shared (Paris-brest).

Throughout more than 200 pages, the young chef shares basic concepts, instructions for making silicone molds, and a total of 60 simple and complex recipes “that you can reproduce following the technical gestures which have been photographed step by step. Through them, I tell you my story, the taste of my grandmother’s cherry clafoutis, the smell of caramelized fruits in homemade cakes, the aroma of butter from my region, the texture of raw dough, the sensation of chocolate, fondant, the juiciness of the fruit plucked from a tree… Dare to try! This is the beginning of creativity,” says Métayer.

Métayer, one of the great idols of new French patisserie, has been trained at the Ferrandi school, has worked in outstanding establishments (Le Meurice, Le Grand Restaurant by Jean-François Piège, Café Pouchkine, among others)  and before the age of 30, has already achieved outstanding awards such as Pastry Chef of the Year 2017 by Gault & Millau. She currently combines consulting and training with the launch of an online store, Délicatesserie.


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