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Callebaut launches The Chocolatier’s Kitchen, an ambitious bonbon treaty

November 7, 2022
Callebaut launches The Chocolatier’s Kitchen, an ambitious bonbon treaty
Ana Rodríguez

Fifteen years after launching Fine Chocolates, the Callebaut team presents The Chocolatier’s Kitchen, a practical book designed to help artisan chocolatiers start and grow their chocolate proposals with dozens of innovative recipes, tips, and techniques.


Discover Chocolatier’s Kitchen


In this book, available in English at Books For Chefs, seven Callebaut chefs (Davide Comaschi, Philippe Vancayseele, Clare England, Beverley Dunkley, Mark Tilling, Ciro Fraddanno, and Ryan Stevenson) answer many of the questions they have received over the years from artisans from all over the world who were starting a chocolate business. Hence, The Chocolatier’s Kitchen, containing more than 200 recipes, is really intended to support entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. How does it do this? Introducing a shelf-life system that matches production with expected sales. A system that helps to think and create an assortment of products and distribute it in short (2 weeks), medium (8 weeks) and longer shelf life (6 months) periods. In addition, the book inspires with recipes with the five Callebaut chocolate colors (dark, milk, white, gold, and ruby) and pairings, new shapes, and bonbon presentations.

“Every starter struggles with estimating the turnaround of their offer versus the products’ shelf life. By balancing their assortment between fresh products and high-quality long-shelf-life products, starters can plan their production and sales better.’, Callebaut’s Creative Lead Chef Minette Smith explains.

In terms of its structure, it is divided into three large blocks based on the durability of the product (short, medium, and long). Each section deals with various families of bonbon making (bonbons, truffles, bars & tablets, crunchies, dragées) and is completed with two interesting sections dedicated to spreads and gelato. The creations of the seven chefs can be found throughout the entire book.

The Chocolatier’s Kitchen does not end here. A second volume is planned for release in 2023, which aims to be “a guide that helps you get a grip, a good overview of all questions to tackle and decisions to take. Ranging from making a business plan, to choosing a brand name, looking for differentiation, setting up your marketing, choosing the right sales channels to procuring the right equipment.’ says Minette.


Discover Chocolatier’s Kitchen