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The sweet paradox

so good #25

January 18, 2021
Alberto Ruiz
so good #25

It is quite paradoxical that from so good..magazine we insist on the need to modernize and update patisserie as a sector and, funnily enough, we do it from a medium that for many is old-fashioned and even anachronistic – the paper magazine. When we talk about this necessary updating of the trade, we refer to claiming for patisserie the status it deserves within the gastronomic arts and claiming for pastry chefs the social prestige that corresponds to them as highly qualified professionals. Due to this and because of this, so good..magazine was born 12 years ago. And why do we keep publishing on paper when today what prevails, what is trendy, what is fashionable and what everyone consumes is everything that comes from the Internet and its influence areas? The answer to this recurring question has to do with the aforementioned foundational objective of so good..magazine, that is, to help give prestige to a profession often in the shadow of the culinary world. And we cannot think of a better way to do it than through a high-quality publication, on paper, through which the artisan work of the pastry chef is praised and which records all of this in a printed, physical, tangible format, which can be kept, collected and taught with pride.

This is how we made our way to this issue 25, and possibly with greater conviction than at the beginning. In the face of compulsive consumption, in so good..magazine we collect works of art and try to give them the treatment they deserve, so that readers enjoy them patiently, savoring them and enjoying them over and over again. so good..magazine, like good pastry, was not meant to be eaten but tasted. Thanks to all the chefs and advertising companies for believing in this sweet paradox.