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Tiramisú mousse plated dessert by Jacopo Bruni

February 5, 2020
Tiramisú mousse plated dessert by Jacopo Bruni
Tiramisú cream, savoiardi, Amaretto jelly


Jacopo Bruni, who recently became the executive pastry chef of The Peninsula Beijing, is recognized for his exquisite and visually stunning pastry creations. Pieces like this tiramisú mousse that surprise, at first glance, due to their elegant and glamorous presentations, very much in line with the philosophy of the Peninsula Hotel Company.

When creating a dessert, the Italian chef ensures that he is inspired by travel experiences, learning from other chefs and, as in this recipe, in his childhood memories.

Tiramisú mousse

Italian meringue

  • 450 g sugar
  • 200 g water
  • 300 g egg whites

Make an Italian meringue with the whites, sugar and water, (bring sugar 118º) Whip until cool. And reserve.

Pâte a bombe

  • 150 g sugar
  • 170 g water
  • 300 g egg yolk

Mix sugar and water in a saucepan and bring to 1180º C, start whipping the egg yolks in a mixer with the whisk attachment and add the syrup to the egg yolks to make a pâte a bombe with the yolks. Whip until cool and reserve.

Tiramisú cream

  • 600 g mascarpone
  • 100 g meringue
  • 220 g pâte a bombe
  • 4% total recipe gelatine mix

Cream the mascarpone cream in a mixer with the paddle attachment, melt the gelatin, add folding in the pâte a bombe and once it is all well mixed and reserve.


  • 215/430 g yolk
  • 67/134 g sugar
  • 17/34 g honey
  • 135/270 g sugar
  • 230/460 g egg whites
  • 240/480 g flour
  • 200 g powder sugar

Whip the egg yolks in a mixer medium speed, whisk with sugar and honey, add the egg whites with the remaining sugar always at medium speed until it is firm, sift the powders and add a part of egg white to the egg yolks with a plastic spoon and alternate with the flour with a folding movement from the center to the outside. Place the savoiardi mix in a bag with a plane tip and pipe 2cm circles, sift powder sugar on top of the savoiardi before baking, bake at 170º C for 7 min until golden and reserve.

Amaretto jelly

  • 500 g amaretto
  • 25 g sugar
  • 10 g agar agar

Mix sugar and agar agar, add amaretto, cook to 105º C. Transfer the jelly in a 1/2 sheet pan and let set in fridge and blitz.


  • white chocolate disc
  • cocoa powder


To assemble the tiramisu pipe the mascarpone cream on top of the lady fingers two times and mix between the layers with amaretto jelly, shingle the white chocolate disks on top of the mascarpone cream and finish them with sifted cocoa powder on top of the disks.

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