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Baltasar Massot so good #20

Baltasar Massot’s sweet sushis

Baltasar Massot’s sweet sushis

Three elements are enough to get a really round, simple, colorful and tasteful snack. The sweet sushi that Baltasar Massot presents to us, professor of the Pastry School of Barcelona (EPGB), is composed of chocolate ‘seaweed’, rice but in a pudding shape, and tapioca caviar, also known as pearls of Japan. This is one of the creations with which he surprised us in so good #20 and which we now recover to celebrate International Sushi Day.

Starting with the rice pudding, its origin is clearly Arabic although there are traditional versions around Europe, and of course in Turkey or India. And regarding tapioca pearls, they are made from the starch that is extracted from the root of cassava or yucca. These are small, hard, white balls with a spherical shape that, when cooked, become transparent and gelatinous, reminiscent of salmon roe or a spherified caviar.

The cylinder that contains this simple dessert is nothing more than a thin sheet of chocolate with enough consistency to make that container function. Baltasar Massot, Mallorcan pastry chef, is a great connoisseur of traditional pastry and the fundamental tasks of artisan pastry. After an intense professional career that led him to work in his native Mallorca, but also in Kuwait or Barcelona, for 9 years he has been a teacher at the aforementioned school in Barcelona.