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Mark Welker so good #24

Plated dessert chocolate with Chai spices by Mark Welker

Plated dessert chocolate with Chai spices by Mark Welker

At the Eleven Madison Park (EMP) restaurant in New York, Mark Welker carefully designs elegant desserts that, under an appearance of simplicity, hide an elaborate execution. He confesses that he follows four parameters when creating a dish: flavor, beauty, intention, and creativity. Four characteristics that we find in this Chocolate with Chai Spices recipe, which complements the interview we published in so good # 24 and completes the cast of creations that the chef shared with us.

The simple appearance of this dessert is deceiving. Beneath the lighter piece, coated in caramelized white chocolate, a Chai-spiced ice cream and a spiced shortbread disc are hiding. The piece in the middle is coated in caramelized milk chocolate and filled with milk chocolate mousse and a spiced caramel insert. And the darker one hides a roasted dark chocolate glaze and a caramelized dark chocolate sorbet. The latter piece has been topped with sorne spiced sea salt. Underneath the three pieces, a thin layer of molasses cream and ginger bread crumbs can be found.

Indian flavors

“We are very lucky to get to travel all over the world representing Eleven Madison Park. In 2018 we did a series of dinners in Mumbai and New Delhi. Whenever we return home we always try and take inspiration back with us. The spices in this dessert is something you see and smell all over India ”.