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Chocolate Bonbons École Valrhona Brooklyn

Molded Chocolate Yuzu bonbon by Nicolas Botomisy

Molded Chocolate Yuzu bonbon by Nicolas Botomisy


Exploring the infinite possibilities of molding and decorating chocolate bonbons was the leitmotiv of one of the interesting masterclasses that Nicolas Botomisy, L’École Valrhona Pastry Chef East Coast, has given this 2018 at the Valrhona school in Brooklyn.

From the creation of balanced ganaches and fillings with fresh ingredients, individual molded confections, and chocolate bars, and using decoration techniques such as airbrushing or etching, Botomisy has taught master techniques behind creating unique and creative molded chocolate confections. Among the many pieces developed during the course, we have this molded bonbon with passion fruit on top, yuzu ganache interior, and a union of different grand cru chocolates from the Valrhona firm.

Photos by: Nitzan Rubin