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Soft Caramel

Black sesame, passion fruit and Maya Mountain chocolate by Lisa Vega

Black sesame, passion fruit and Maya Mountain chocolate by Lisa Vega


“When creating the Cacao Bar menu”, explains Lisa Vega, Executive Pastry Chef at Dandelion Chocolate,  “I wanted to create a dessert using our 70% Maya Mountain chocolate from Belize and passion fruit because selfishly, chocolate and passion fruit are one of my favorite pairings! I visited the Maya Mountain cacao farm in Belize a few years ago on a sourcing trip and it was my first experience seeing where our beans come from and how they are harvested and the dedication it takes to get them from the cacao pod to the chocolate I use everyday in my kitchen. It gave me such a clear understanding of why this chocolate is so special. The tasting notes on this particular harvest of beans are ‘ripe pineapple with chocolate undertones’. With the addition of black sesame, this dessert has a balance of tart, toasted nutty sesame and of course chocolate that I love. Cutting into the mousse has a soft texture and there is also crunch, cake, and sherbet to round out all the textures”.

To make it, she starts by painting the plate with the passion caramel sauce. She beautifully strokes the brush on the plate, creating a beautiful design, then she follows by placing the chocolate dome on the plate. Carefully cutting the black sesame sponge cake pieces, she place them around the plate. With a sauce bottle she places dots of the passion gel around the dessert. Then she makes a quenelle with the sherbet and places it on the side and decorates with pieces of the black sesame praline crunch.


Chef Lisa VegaLisa Vega is the Executive Pastry Chef at Dandelion Chocolate


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