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Cédric Grolet

Black Sesame Galette des Rois by Cédric Grolet

Black Sesame Galette des Rois by Cédric Grolet

Respect for tradition is never questioned among the French. It is an idea that chef Pâtissier, Cédric Grolet, has made very clear throughout his short but intense career. A young professional who is living glory days with awards in his path, exalted with all kinds of international recognition and author of the ambitious books, Fruits and Opéra.

From the classic French galette des rois, you can play with variations as chromatic as the one presented a couple of years ago in our first collaboration with the chef. In the hands of Cédric Grolet, a typical Christmas specialty was dyed black in a monograph dedicated to sesame. A zenith photo is the best shot to show Grolet’s well executed finishes in detail, something very common in his work. In recent years, he has surprised the world with simple pastry with intense flavor but with great precision in decoration. His virtuosity and rustic style are already part of the international public domain.

Photographs: Damien Allard