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Xano Saguer

Xano Saguer

Xano Saguer is part, together with Jordi Butron, of one of the most recognized professional couples in the world of dessert. With Butron ,he is co-founder and co-director of the EspaiSucre restaurant desserts school in Barcelona and has worked hand in hand with his colleague in the creation of a complete conceptual universe of restaurant plated desserts. The innovativeness of his proposal and the pioneering nature of opening the first restaurant in the world dedicated exclusively to desserts, have recently been transferred to his latest initiative, Essence, a fun educational experience that gathers 12 guests around a table to create a dessert menu with a totally interactive and pedagogical approach.

Bio Highlights

2000 – Opening of Dessert restaurant and school Espaisucre
2003 – Spanish team Coupe du Monde de Pâtisserie
2007-14 – The Best Restaurant Dessert (organizer)
2018 – Opening of Essence

“The great challenge is to create gustatory normality, a comfort zone with ingredients that initially do not seem so”.

so good…magazine #21

Featured in so good #21

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